segunda-feira, 11 de março de 2013

Intimacy of diverse paths taken

As the sea murmurs in the background
And the sun shines
As youngsters get together to
Continue a story from afar…

Memories and feelings
Sprout from smiles of recognition
While wheels of remembrance
Move with much noise and happiness…

The day shares moments of
Good food, drink and conversation
As music plays to our hearts
And propels our legs and bodies…

Into motion and contortions
That show what years of
Living have shaped!

© Anne M. Moor

2 comentários:

AC Rangel disse...

So beautiful and so lovely. Like a dream. A perfect dream. I'm so happy reading your words. Hope is alive again. Thank you.

Anne M. Moor disse...

Life is a mysterious turmoil of good and bad moments...